I have a difficult personality,
just like this wines.

Valentino Moschioni in the family vineyards.

They are united by a single vision: “zero compromise”.

The search for Moschioni quality also involves two women. The goal set for each day is to produce a better wine. We know what irony is, we are sometimes sarcastic, but we are always farsighted. The valuable international awards are the “prize for work”: to show that “we need to put everything into it.” This is first of all a family. Tough and united yes, but down-to-earth.
Sabrina and Alessia in the tasting room

“My father does what he says and says what he thinks. He says the family is his critical consciousness. I agree. Sabrina, my sister Alessia and I are certainly not easy people, but why should we be? There is a DNA that bonds us together. This DNA is like this shared dream that drives us to give, each one dedicated to a task: one to the land, one to the cellar and one to the management. But each day there is a constant search to bring out the best: this land that gives us so much.”